Items Manufacturing Capability
Material FR-4 (Tg140~180) YES
FR-5 (Tg180) YES
Halogen free YES
High Frequency (Low Dk/Df ) Isola / Rogers / Panasonic / Tuc / Nan-Ya
MCPCB (Metal Core) Aluminum Metal core
General Design General Design ≦ 16 Layers
HDI Stagger Typical: (1+n+1) / Advanced: (2+n+2)
Finished Thickness 0.20mm~3.2mm
MechnicalDrill & LaserDrill PTH Hole ≧0.10mm
Slot Typical: ≧0.40mm / Advanced: 0.35mm
Min. Hole to Hole Spec ≧8.0mil
Min.Copper to Conductor Typical: ≧4.0mil / Advanced: 3.0mil
Finished Hole Size(VIP) Typical:≧0.15mm / Advanced: 0.10mm
Min. Hole Size (Laser) 0.10mm
Aspect Ratio (Mechanical) Typical: ≦8 / Advanced: 10
Aspect Ratio (Laser) Typical: ≦0.66 / Advanced: 0.8
Plating Board Thickness : Via Aspect Ratio Typical: ≦8:1 / Advanced: 10:1
Min. Board Thickness 0.1mm
InnerLayer Min. Line / Space 3.0 / 3.0 mil (1oz)
Core Thickness 3.0 mil (H/H)
Copper Thickness ≦6.0oz
Impedance Control 25Ω~120Ω
Impedance Tolerance ±10%
OuterLayer Min. Line/Space Typical: 3.0/3.0 mil / Advanced: 2.5/3.0mil
Min. BGA Diameters 6.0mil
Min. BGA Ball Pitch Typical: 0.50mm / Advanced: 0.35mm
Copper Thickness 1oz ~ 6oz
Impedance Control 25Ω~120Ω
Impedance Tolerance ±10%
Outer Copper Final oz Finishd 1oz Min:(Line/Space) Line 3mil / Space 3mil
Finishd 2oz Min:(Line/Space) Line 3mil / Space 5mil
Finishd 3oz Min:(Line/Space) Line 6mil / Space 8mil
Soldermask Tolerance ± 0.8mil
Final.Inspec Dimension ± 0.1mm
V-Cut depth 1/3 Thickness
V-Cut deviation ±0.1mm
Warpage ≦0.75%
Surface Treatment ENIG / Electroplated gold / ENEPIG / Immer Sn / Immer Ag / OSP / HASL / Golden-Finger( Roof-Less)
2024.01.08 A