About LM PCB

  • Company Established in 1989
  • Capital:US$ 6.0 Million
  • Working Area:6,600㎡
  • Capacity / Month:12,000 ~ 18,000㎡
  • Employees:150 employees
  • Main Products:2 to 12 layers PCBs


Established in 1989, LM specializes in PCB manufacturing.

The management concept at LM is to maintain energetic actions and innovations to serve customers worldwide.
Over the past three decades, LM has focused on the goal of ensuring product quality to provide the best products to customers.

In the year 2000, LM built a new 6,600㎡ factory and incorporated new productive and inspection equipment to enhance competitiveness and productivity. As a result, the productive capacity is now up to 18,000㎡ to better serve customers with improved quality, know-how, and shorter delivery times.

Company Policy

Accurate Manufacturing

Accurate Manufacturing

Manufacture in a proper way.

Ensure accurate design and work.

Precise Manufacturing

Precise Manufacturing

Manufacture in a fine way.

Identify and prevent minor defects from leaking out.

Honest Manufacturing-Manufacture in a sincere way

Honest Manufacturing

Manufacture in a sincere way

Always comply with customer demands when working and manufacturing PCBs.

Quality certification